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Read all these stories I thought I should share my little episode from the agency. I work in the city can be fun. Far from all family ties and ht. You have me wrong in a big qporno family and love my wife, but what happened that night was the first time, and hopefully not the last! I constant sourse of entertainment for many droping my employees in my office for a story about me. Each one day Mel, who had worked for me for some time, came to my office and started chatting. We have always had a very suggestive and knew what buttons to press to wake up if you know what I mean. Every time they would in the office of the smell of her perfume and brightness coming to get me out of my hair go. Cleavage products and their eyes said it to me. Amnyway arrived ten minutes before closing, and we started talking and came to the usual banter. The staff were all left and it was her and me. There was tension in the air and both feet pussy both wanted what hapgroups, and finally decided to leave the office when no one of us was willing t